AsteriskNOW / FreePBX Video Tutorial.

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Asterisk makes it easy to build a variety of complex solutions including:
  •     IP PBX                                          
  •     IVR
  •     ACD
  •     VoIP Gateway
  •     Speech Applications
  •     Unified Communications
  •     Automated Attendant
  •     Voice Mail
  •     Unified Messaging
  •     Call Conferencing
  •     Call Recording

Download : AsteriskNOW 1

1.What is Asterisk?!                                     
-FreePBX : Call processing , phones features ( Call FW , Call Transfer , Call Pickup , On-Hold , etc ).     
-VM SRV : Your Voice Mail SRV.                                                                             
Download :
2.The Installation process.

Download : AsteriskNOW 2

1-The First Step After The Insallation?!Configure Static IP Configuration Using The "SETUP" Command.
2-How To Manage Your Asterisk SRV(GUI/CLI).
-GUI:The Web Administration Page .
The Default Pass:admin  The Default Username:admin
-CLI:The Asterisk Console , Asterisk CLI Module , SSH Using PUTTY , Java SSH Module

Download : AsteriskNOW 3

1-Time To Have Fun?! Time To Register Some Phones.
-What Phones?
-Physical / Softphones
-What Protocols?
-SIP Phones : X-lite , 3CX , For Windows and Ekiga , Jitsi For Linux.
-IAX2 Phones :ZoipER
-What Mode ?
-Extention Mode (The Default ) VS Device and User Mode.
2-Bais Phone Call using RTP and Wireshark Hacking.

Download : AsteriskNOW 4 

1-Baisc Phone Features.
-Dial by Name (SIP Alias)  -Call Transfer  -Info Services  -DND  -Call Forwarding
2-Enabling and Configuring Users VM .
3-How To Access Your VM / The Others VM Using The Voice Mail & Recordings Web Page / The Phone.
4-VMBlast Group Configuration.

Download : AsteriskNOW 5 

1-Advanced Phone Features PT-1.
-Wakup Calls
-Paging and Intercom
-Follow Me ( Mini Ring Group configurable by the user ).
-Ring Groups
-Pickup Groups
-Phone Book

Download : AsteriskNOW 6

1-Advanced Phone Features PT-2.
-Inbound Call Simulation Using  7777 Feature Code
-Set Caller ID
-Call secreening
-Call Back

Download : AsteriskNOW 7  
Download : AsteriskNOW 7  Tools

1-Advanced Phone Features PT-3.
-VmX Locater(Mini IVR Configurable By The User)
-System Recordings: Direct Recording VS Pre-Recorded Material
     -Bit Resolution:16Bit   -Sampling Rate:8000HZ/PCM    -Audio Channels:Mono
-IVR AKA Digital Receptionist / Auto Attendant

Download : AsteriskNOW 8 NEW
Download : AsteriskNOW 8  Tools

 1-Advanced Phone Features PT-4.
-How To Solve The Problem Of The "Unavailable / Busy"message Recording ?!
       -The * =*98+*97
-Directory (Dial-by-name)
-Call Recording
       -How To Access The Recordinges ?
       -CLI : /var/spool/asterisk/monitor
       -GUI : "Voicemail & Recordings (ARI)"
-How To Solve The Problem Of The "ON-Demand"Recording?!

Download : AsteriskNOW 9 NEW
Download : AsteriskNOW 9 Tools

-How To Connect Two *NOW SRVs Using SIP/IAX User&Peer/Friend Mode ?
    -The Trunk Protocols  To Configure ?
    -SIP Vs IAX
    -The Trunk Mode/Type To Configure ?
    -User&Peer Vs Friend:
    -User&peer : Two Accounts To Authenticate.
    -Friend : Only One Shared  Account To Authenticate.