How To Solve The Problem Of The "ON-Demand" Recording?!

Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 by Mahmoud Ramadan Ali in Labels: , ,

On-Demand Call Recording Not Working?!Let's Fix It!:

By default,when enabling (Inbound / Outbound / Internal / External) call recording from the user extension configuration page , it will work without any problem but when enabling On-Demand recording it will fail so you need additional configuration steps. 

  1-Go To " FreePBX Advanced Settings "...Change The " Asterisk Dial Options ", " Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options " As Follows :

Asterisk Dial Options : tTwWr
Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options : TtwW

   -Setting the t allow the call recipient to transfer the call (*2 or ##).
   -Setting the T allow the call initiator to transfer the call (*2 or ##).
   -Setting the w allows the call recipient to toggle recording (*1).
   -Setting the W allows the call initiator to toggle call recording (*1).

2-Use " VI " To Edit The " features_featuremap_additional.conf " And  Add The " automon=*1 " :

vi /etc/asterisk/features_featuremap_additional.conf

3-Use " VI " To Edit The " features_general_custom.conf " And  Add The " featuredigittimeout=1500 " , " courtesytone=beep " :

vi  /etc/asterisk/features_general_custom.conf

Note:You Must Reboot Your *NOW After Making The Changes To Take Effect.