OTC:The Open Source Thin Client Solution .

Posted: Sunday, February 23, 2014 by Mahmoud Ramadan Ali in Labels:

About openThinClient:

The openThinClient ThinClient operating system is based on a customized Ubuntuexternal link Linux distribution optimized for use in diskless devices.
Booting and configuration of the ThinClients is implemented using industry-standard technologies like LDAPexternal link, DHCPexternal link, PXEexternal link, TFTPexternal link and NFSexternal link.
openthinclient provides a powerful, Java-based graphical user interface to manage all aspects of the ThinClients under its control. Furthermore, it supports integration with enterprise-wide management environments like LDAP or MS ADSexternal link.
openthinclient differs from other solutions in the following aspects:
  • based on industry-standard protocols and technologies
  • integrates smoothly with existing systems management solutions like LDAP and MS ADS
  • features a powerful management GUI - supports a large range of ThinClient hardware
  • no specialized hardware is required. Boots devices into ThinClient mode without flash drives etc. thanks to its PXE boot support.
  • several ThinClient applications come pre-packaged, like a Web browser, RDPexternal link client etc.
Learn more about openThinClient and what it can do:
openthinclient.org Homepage: http://openthinclient.org