Configuring SIP on CME and registering with X-Lite

Posted: Friday, March 29, 2013 by Mahmoud Ramadan Ali in Labels:

We all knowe how to use CIPC to register with CME using SCCP , but now i'm going to show you how to configure SIP on CME and register with X-Lite softphone , the configuration in GNS3 is a C2691 router connected on F0/0 to my VMware VMnet 1 host only virtual adapter , now let's do it! 

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C2691 IOS Image
Router Interface Configuration:

HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-if)#ip address
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-if)#no shut
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config)#do ping

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/20/68 ms

Global Voice Service Configuration Commands:

HOT.CISCO.LAB(config)#voice service voip
HOT.CISCO.LAB(conf-voi-serv)# allow-connections sip to sip
HOT.CISCO.LAB(conf-voi-serv)# sip
HOT.CISCO.LAB(conf-serv-sip)#  registrar server
HOT.CISCO.LAB(conf-serv-sip)#bind all source-interface f0/0

SIP Core Configuration Commands:

HOT.CISCO.LAB(config)#voice register global
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-global)# mode cme
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-global)# source-address port 5060
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-global)# max-dn 10
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-global)# max-pool 5

Configuring The DN:

HOT.CISCO.LAB(config)#voice register dn  1
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-dn)# number 1001

Configuring The IP Phone:

HOT.CISCO.LAB(config)#voice register pool  1
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-pool)# id mac 0050.56C0.0001
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-pool)# number 1 dn 1
HOT.CISCO.LAB(config-register-pool)# username 1001 password mahamouda
Note:The username must be the same as the DN number and will be used in X-Lite as your User ID.

Using Some Show Commands:

HOT.CISCO.LAB#sh voice register pool 1
Pool Tag 1
  Mac address is 0050.56C0.0001
  Number list 1 : DN 1
  Proxy Ip address is
  DTMF Relay is disabled
  Call Waiting is enabled
  DnD is disabled
  keep-conference is enabled
  username 1001 password mahamouda
  service-control mechanism is not supported
  registration Call ID is ZTgwNzU1YTkxNDAzZWUyMmM2OTAwZTFiZDVhZjVmZTA
  active primary line is: 1001

  contact IP address: port 44340

Dialpeers created:

dial-peer voice 40001 voip
 destination-pattern 1001
 session target ipv4:
 session protocol sipv2
  after-hours-exempt   FALSE

  Active registrations  : 1

  Total Registration Statistics
    Registration requests  : 1
    Registration success   : 1
    Registration failed    : 0
    unRegister requests    : 0
    unRegister success     : 0
    unRegister failed      : 0

Note:Make sure that there is NO CODEC mismatch and at least one common CODEC is configured on your ephone and the CODEC's on your soft phone.